Энерголам плюс The patent RU2219806

“ENERGOLAM PLUS” as an unique biologically active food additive of the 21-st century

(The patent RU2219806)

Health of the person is not simply absence of illness; this is vital activities which allow performing necessary work without any restrictions. In the developed countries there is an increase of potential of health, lifetime of people grows. If to consider a biological lifetime limit of 150 years, the mankind has done a significant part on this way. Average lifetime reaches 70-73 years now, in the Middle Ages people died in 30-35 years old. The problem is to increase active life of person, to make him more able-bodied on more long term, to adapt for environmental conditions.

The energy which is received by the person from nutrition is necessary for a breathing, body growth, muscular functioning, maintenance of a metabolism in a rest, saving of a constant body temperature, etc. It is possible to specify very precisely power consumption which is necessary for all biological needs for each person, family or the whole group living in particular conditions. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are energy sources and carry out the special functions during a metabolism.

Vitamins and trace elements which should receive from the outside are necessary for normal body growth and vital activity of an organism also; therefore a food of the person the year round should be various to provide their receiving in the minimum quantities. In the present time inhabitants of Russia sign of poor adaptation to unfavorable environmental factors with occurrence of immunodeficiency in a various degree — the main causes of that are poor organism’s provision of the trace elements, vitamins and biologically active additive (BAA). Abroad BAA’s application is an integral part of an able-bodied active life. Taking into account Japanese experience (inhabitants of Japan have high lifetime and use a plenty of seafood and especially appreciating caviar of sea-urchin) for the first time Russian explorers had been built and investigated biologically active additive “ENERGOLAM PLUS”.

Japanese scientists’ investigation in 70th years of the 20-th century has shown that caviar of sea-urchin has potent fortifying, rejuvenating action, rises adaptable properties of an organism, enhances vital activity, improves the general state of health.

“ENERGOLAM PLUS” is the unique preparation containing caviar of sea-urchin and laminaria, sublimated at low temperature and conserved its properties for long time. Composition of a preparation includes (in easy assimilable form) trace elements: iodine, iron, a cobalt, copper, etc., a complex of liposoluble vitamins: A, D, E — and the water-soluble vitamins: C, B1, B2, В12, РР, etc. Furthermore, “ENERGOLAM PLUS” contains mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, a full complex of amino acids and nucleic acids, a complex of unique natural active substances: saponins, prostaglandins, ehinohroms, carotenoids. It is possible to tell with confidence that any of existing BAA’s has no similar composition.

Studying of influence of the preparation on immune system of a person has shown that “ENERGOLAM PLUS” improves immunological parameters, abolishes features of an immune depression, enriches quality of life due to disappearance of an asthenical symptomatology. The preparation can be applied at various immunodeficiency caused by an infectious pathology (herpes, clamidiosis, different virus infection, etc.). There is very demonstrative fact that nobodies who get products from caviar of sea-urchin were ill during virus infection epidemics. Thus, the preparation can be recommended as the potential immune modulating factor.

Including of a product from sea-urchin in a menu of patients with a peptic ulcer and chronic gastroduodenostomy rendered positive influence and recovery came in more short terms, patients’ activity has increased, the state of health has improved, weight has increased, there was a regeneration of parameters of a blood. Scientists mark, that biologically active additive accelerates the healing of a mucous tunic of gastroduodenostomy zones.

The investigated preparation shown haemo stimulating effect at the patients suffering an iron deficiency anemia, “ENERGOLAM PLUS” raised a level of a hemoglobin and erythrocytes, promoted enriching of «quality of life”. Because the preparation contains phospholipids, mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins it reduces a level of a cholesterin and beta-proteids in a blood. Regular application of the product received from caviar of sea-urchin shown positive effects for oncologic patients.

The given BAA’s application for a food is perspective for that part of the population, which lives and works in the ionizing, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation or under toxic hepatitis conditions caused by an industrial chemical such as carbon tetrachloride or phosphorus. Studies in this direction have shown that application of caviar of sea-urchin reduces frequency and magnitude of radial reaction, there is the effect of radioprotection and removing of radio nuclides is observed. Biologically active components represent well balanced system anti-oxidizing protection, having potent regenerating action

Application of a preparation “ENERGOLAMPLUS” is efficient for the prevention of an ageing and senilism, its regular use promotes enriching of the general state of health, rises physical and mental work capacity, enhances sexual activity, it also can be applied to decrease of influence of a stress and in the postoperative period.

Thus, “ENERGOLAM PLUS” can will be applied as in complex therapy of various diseases, and as a preventive fortifying agent. Recommended application is 1-2 tablets per day within 4 weeks.

NAME OF PRODUCT: Biologically active food additive “ENERGOLAM-PLUS”
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: N 004635. Р.643.10.2002, TU9253-001-58487165-02.MFNUFACTURER: “Bio-Shelf Company”, Russia

Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Faculty of infectious diseases with a course of diagnostics AIDS
Associate professors: Kirpichnikova G.I., Neverov V.L.

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